Our Team

Salt Park is the brain child and BHAG of Cuurio, a non-profit tech company in Rockwall. Meet the awesome Cuurio team.

Jeff Cline


With over twenty years invested in internet and search technology, Jeff sees and operates best at about 10,000 feet. He is a serial entrepreneur, has launched and sold 2 dotcoms, and will soon be selling his third major company. He is married with 4 mostly grown children.

Danny Davis


Danny has 30+ years in the non-profit space, and thrives in a creative environment. With years of experience managing huge teams of hundreds of creatives, he is responsible for all creative efforts, both visual and otherwise.


Suzanne Davis


An accomplished writer and a published songwriter, Suzanne is an expert at big-picture strategic development. Being a maximizer who has the gift of empathy, she is the “glue” that holds our organization together, and is officially the best singer on our staff.

Kim Cline


Kim handles all the financials, payroll, and travel for multiple companies, including our parent company Incline, SideStream, Siimpler, several insurance companies, and Cuurio. She is married to Jeff, and is proud of her 3 daughters, one son, and a beautiful granddaughter.

Emmy Rogers


A 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a master in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Emmy has also built multiple social media followings into the tens of thousands. She handles the social accounts for several companies, and is our unofficial bodyguard.

Jake Davis


Jake handles outreach for several companies, both non-profit and for-profit, and is an accomplished musician. He plays drums professionally and is a songwriter with several recording projects under his belt and in the works. 

Gary Mathis


Gary works as our head programmer, and is fluent in multiple programming languages. He is responsible for the development of PHP Steroid, a programming language used by many around the world.

Collin Glaess


Collin is our resident digital advertising expert, adept in navigating multiple online advertising platforms. He is very recently married and not hating his life at all.

Devon Hayworth


Devon is a master at translating programming-ese to normal speak, and vice versa. He handles much of our day-to-day programming, and is invaluable in both back end and front end development. 

Josh Rogers


Josh is an accomplished videographer and editor, and handles everything video for Cuurio and several other companies. He is also a former professional soccer player, and is an expert at reaching stuff on high shelves.